Open Tenure-Track Position "Environmental Contaminants"


Contamination of our environment is one of the most pressing global problems. Our overall goal is to inform solutions to these pressing problems. Therefore, our Centre is filling a Tenure-Track Professorship in the field of Environmental Contaminants. The successful candidate is hired as “Assistant professor” for a maximum duration of six years with the opportunity to obtain a permanent position after successful evaluation.

We are welcoming applications from researchers with an excellent track record and international reputation in the fields of environmental geosciences or geochemistry, contaminant hydrogeology, environmental chemistry, environmental engineering, environmental systems toxicology, or closely related fields. Topics of interest include perturbations of environmental systems by xenobiotics and associated systems toxicology beyond single organisms, the fate and remediation of anthropogenic or geogenic contaminants, as well as interactions between contaminants and geochemical interfaces. Please find more information on the prerequisites and modalities of the application in the job announcement.

The application deadline is September 13, 2022.