Raising awareness for water soluble polymers: 1st place in photo contest for Aaron Kintzi


Aaron Kintzi has won the 1st place in this year's photo competition "My research in a picture" of the University of Vienna. With his contribution “The beauty of Science” he wants to raise awarness for his research on the biodegradation of water-soluble polymers in wastewater. Water-soluble polymers are present in many products of our daily life, such as pharmaceuticals, paints, shampoos, detergents or cosmetics. Since some of their applications can lead to release into the environment, it is important to ensure complete biodegradation. Together with Michael Zumstein, Aaron's research at EDGE aims to deepen the understanding of how these polymers biodegrade and contribute to the development of sustainable environmentally friendly alternatives. sustainable environmentally friendly alternatives.

The annual photo competition of the University of Vienna aims to increase the visibility of scientific research on important societal challenges and to communicate these to a broad public. Currently, the photos and graphics of the finalists of the photo competition and the infographics competition are exhibited for two weeks from 27 June 2022 on the campus of the University of Vienna on the main alley in courtyard 1 and are open for public voting via QR-code.