Environmental and Climate Research Hub


The Environment and Climate Research Hub (ECH), led by Thilo Hofmann from EDGE and Sabine Pahl, just launched its new website!

Addressing the urgent triple crisis of climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution requires input from all fields of research, and outreach to diverse stakeholders in society. The ECH was founded by the University of Vienna in 2022, with the mission to create innovative environmental and climate insights at the frontiers and intersections of disciplines and to inform solutions for the pressing environmental problems of today and tomorrow.

The Hub achieves this by providing a hub for exchange, cooperation, seedcorn funding, training, and outreach. With its excellent scientists, strong institutional foundations, and extensive network at the University of Vienna and beyond, the ECH is a key player and cooperation partner for research institutions, decision-makers, the media, and societal stakeholders working together to address the triple crisis.

The ECH will officially be launched on March 8th, with a panel discussion featuring Thilo Hofmann. The event is open to the public, see link below for information and registration.